Client testimonials

Past Client Testimonials:

"As a trained classical singer, I was intrigued by Nicole's course because I was hoping to manifest more and higher paying gigs. While that indeed has happened, I'm getting that and so much more from working with her.
Digging deep inside myself has opened myself to attracting much more than just gigs - I'm living in abundance and finally letting go of past experiences that were holding me back from attaining the happiness I truly wanted."
- Joachim
Professional Singer, Tenor
“Magical Maxali is a manifestation queen. She demonstrates that there is no judgment during the course. Everyone is different and will manifest differently. If you truly want to see your life beautifully unfold, let Magical Maxali be your manifestation guide.”
- James
“What Nicole showed me over the course of this 8-week course was how to be in touch with what lies beyond the material products that show up in our lives. She showed me that manifestation is more about connecting with the deepest and most authentic parts of yourself and bringing those parts from the inner, non-physical realm to the outer, physical world. Manifestation is the purest path of creation. This understanding has led me to feel freer in the world, more clear about how I want to experience life, more truthful & comfortable in my own self-expression whether it’s interpersonally or creatively.
- Keiko
“This course will definitely change your thought process. It helped me realize that we are powerful and The Universe helps those who ask. If you want to actually learn about all of the special powers you have then take this course!!"
Vet Tech/Student
“Nicole has always been one of the most intuitive people I have known in my life. I was super excited to see her translate the learnings from living her own beautiful life into a structured and easily digestible course for anyone to benefit from. After the course, I've realized that there is a state of mind that has led to Nicole's unique ability to manifest the impossible, and that if I turn inwards and commit to the time, I do have the power within myself to manifest the same. With Nicole's guidance, I've been able to see the signs from the universe and have never felt so confident in my abilities to manifest.”
- Sabrina
Marketing Manager
"This course made me dig deep and challenged me to be patient while the universe does its 24K unicorn magic. Nicole taught me about shifting my mindset, focusing on intention, and claiming my power. The heart work I learned in this class has set me free.”
- Marissa
Event Strategist
“I ended up manifesting what was most essential - letting go of my heartaches and regrets, making peace with myself, and freeing up space for possibilities in my present! I can already feel the difference in how committed I am to the alignment of my personal, physical, professional and spiritual goals, being immediate and fearless in my pursuits while also having fun!
People have noticed that now I give off a fire and a confidence, and once they heard my narrative, they were like, "Wow, you've had a difficult past, but you seem so crazy centered." I could only smile, and think, "Damn Nicole. Thanks for helping me get to this place!"
- Anthony
“I am grateful for the weekly challenges to go deeper into myself as a spiritual person. I am grateful for the positive habits that I am learning to make into routine. I am grateful for the intentions that I have set and the shifting of paradigms that I have experienced as a result of interrogating my self awareness, self care and my ability to love and understand others.”
- Renee

"Nicole is a kick ass coach. I have suffered a lot from Social Media jealousy, but after taking the Manifesting Magic course, I have the toolset to create a life of my own design. #NoMoFOMO"
- Marissa
Event Manager
"Not only was there an abundance in self-love and discovery, I also manifested so much! Specifically, I manifested an exuberant amount of cake & dessert orders for myself. Being a future business owner, this was huge for me. I think I may have over manifested because sometimes it was hard to keep up!"
- Danielle
Pastry Chef