Online Course


Manifesting Magic:
8 Week Course

Inspired by books like “The Artist’s Way”, “The Secret” and her  real life experiences, this experiential online course includes bi-weekly Zoom Group calls, reflective writing exercises, guided meditation techniques, and manifestation basics to help participants get out of their own way and manifest their deepest desires.  

Nicole provides a safe space to explore and express yourself and your true desires, all the while tapping into the magic of manifesting.  All levels are welcome.  Participants should be 18 years or older.  

  • There are ONLY Twenty slots available.

Which topics are covered?

We will go over the following in the eight week course:

  • Releasing: Changing our mindset & shifting away from “the struggle” & victim mentality.
  • PROVIDENCE: There are no coincidences. Follow the signs.
  • Goals Vs. Intentions: Get out of your own way and release expectations.
  • Flexibility: Flow like water and respect the unexpected.
  • Writing It Out: Empowering yourself toward greatness.
  • Faith: Trusting yourself versus comparing your journey with others.
  • Do You Dates: The radical power of SELF-LOVE & meditation.