Who is Maxali?

About nicole

Empath. Creatrix. Manifestation Mentor.

A third generational Filipino-American born to a working class family, Nicole was raised in San Francisco by her single mother and her loving grandmother.  At a young age she learned the importance of faith, resourcefulness and love.

After she graduated college with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, worked at ABC7 News Department as an Associate Producer and then as a PR & Events Manager for a lung health non-profit,  she realized her life was not in alignment with what she truly wanted.

Leaving everything she knew, Nicole quit her job and moved 2,000 miles away to manifest a life she always dreamed as a full-time creative in New York City.  From the time she left SF, Nicole has manifested all expense paid world travel, becoming an international motivational speaker, getting engaged to the love of her life,  booked multiple national commercials, opened for Dave Chappelle, landed a job as the Entertainment Director for a lifestyle and culture magazine, shot her first comedy pilot and became a full-time actor that is recognized internationally.   

 “I want to utilize my platform to create positive change in this world.”

WHY Law of attraction?

For centuries Law of Attraction principles have been taught by different American authors, like Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” in 1937 or “Ask and It Is Given” by Jerry & Esther Hicks in 2004.  Many of the principles I discuss in the course aren’t new as they have been talked about for centuries by Buddha to Ralph Waldo Emerson to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  But rarely are these teachings taught in schools or within our family homes especially for BIPOC. 

I believe that Law of Attraction is not about any “woo woo” theories.  It’s about rewiring your brain from scarcity mentality and victimhood and instead embracing a more abundant mindset AND reigniting the POWER within you!

Remembering my own POWER gave me the inspiration to help others do the same. We manifest what we believe. So why not BELIEVE in yourself?


My Core Intentions for 2021

My intentions for 2021:
  • Devotion: I am devoting my time and energy to something positive every 40 days this year. I began with 40 days of grace and gratitude. In 2020 I completed 40 days of working out for 30 minutes a day, praying everyday, writing daily and abstaining from alcohol and social media for 40 days straight.
  • Creating: I am currently writing my book based on my most magical life experiences, lessons I've learned while pursuing my dreams and my online 8 week course.
  • Prosperity & Peace: I have manifested the most amazing writer's retreat space in California that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and gives me the time and space to reflect, RE-Member & reground during this time of "Sheltering in Place". I am aligning to my calling as a storyteller and vibrational healer for BIPOC in my community and the world around me.

My Intentions for "Manifesting Magic with Nicole Maxali"

I began teaching “Manifesting Magic with Nicole Maxali” in 2016. I am 100% honest with my clients, when I say that I am not a Life Coach and I never graduated from University with a degree in psychology or counseling. Rather, I see myself as a mirror and healer for clients seeking to tap into their own powers of manifestation and seeking to liberate themselves from toxic beliefs. I may not have all the answers. But I hope to serve as a reflection for you to find the answers that are already within yourself.

I am aware there are thousands of “Law of Attraction” (LOA) and Manifestation courses out there led by high profile entrepreneurs with millions of followers and multiple published books. But this course integrates two very different concepts:

1) I intentionally infuse my course, teachings and assignments with Spirit. I am in 100% understanding that you can utilize LOA principles without believing in God, the Divine or The Universe. But in my experience, having faith that Spirit is helping and guiding you allows your manifestations to come to you more frequently, consistently and powerfully.

My path as a healer and empath began before I was even born. I come from a long line of intuitive healers through both bloodlines.  My Filipina grandmothers on both sides of my family healed in various ways. On my mother’s side, my grandmother (Reverend Estrella Echavez) was a preacher in Florida and performed physical healings by what she described as “Laying on Hands”. On my father’s side, my great grandmother would perform healings for people by performing a ceremony with crystal, ash and the sign of the cross. I share all of this to say,  that the curriculum that is shared with clients has been gifted through me to you by The Divine.

My intention for this course is to raise the collective vibration by standing for people to connect to their own Divine path. I believe we are all spirit in human form. That being said, I understand that each person has their own personal relationship with God, Spirit, Allah, The Universe or Great Creator (or whatever you want to call it). My calling is not to judge you but rather invite you to strengthen that personal relationship so that Spirit can help you manifest from your most authentic self rather than from ego.

My intention is to help people be proactive in CREATING their dream lives not just chasing them. Utilizing the exercises, philosophies and actions I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve lived, I intend to teach others how to listen to ourselves, act mindfully and create the life they love through the tools of self-expression, writing assignments, dates of self-love and actively listening to God, Spirit, Divine, Creator and/or The Universe.

2)  I believe we all get to examine our beliefs as work for Liberation*.

I understand that our beliefs can confine us OR they can free us. This course will help to release negative thinking and toxic beliefs that have been holding us back from our TRUE power and potential. We can choose to dismantle colonial, oppressive, exploitative, inequitable beliefs that have been adopted through past conditioning and generational trauma.

I seek to relieve my clients of Core Limiting Beliefs and rather adopt  beliefs that interconnect us, that expand us, that grow us in compassion and self-care, beliefs that protect us from that which seeks to harm, and beliefs that challenge us to stand in our integrity, in our power and our ability to better ourselves with every waking moment.

Some of the limiting beliefs that I discuss at times in this course, root back to 3 Agents of Colonization:

  • White Supremacy – Believing in the Superiority of Whiteness, (White Culture, White Language, White Bodies, White Ways of Life)
  • Capitalism– Basing value of all things/lives on monetary, quantifiable value, profit over people
  • Toxic Patriarchy– Power centered in the Man/Masculine, Devaluing the Womxn/Feminine. Individualistic Means of Leadership (Dictatorship) *Relational Sourcing: Jana Lynne “JL” Umipig

My intention for this course is to raise the collective vibration by standing for all people to rise to their own greatness. My intention is to utilize this course to liberate people from fear, hate and self-loathing. I understand that true change begins from within. So to truly impact the world it begins with yourself. That will ultimately begin a ripple effect outwardly in the spaces you move, your communities and your relationships.