New Session Begins April 11, 2021

“Focus on the powerful, euphoric, MAGICAL, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life … and the universe will keep giving them to you!”



Nicole provides a safe space to explore and express yourself and your true desires, all the while tapping into the magic of manifesting.  

My Intention for You...

“My intention for this course is to raise the collective vibration by standing for people to rise to their own greatness. To teach people how to manifest magic in their own lives. To get people out of victim mentality, fear and scarcity based thinking. To help people be proactive in CREATING their dream lives not just chasing them.

Utilizing the exercises, philosophies and actions I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve lived, I intend to teach others how to listen to ourselves, act mindfully and create the life they love through the tools of self-expression, writing assignments, dates of self-love and listening to The Universe.”